Skerin Model for Ultimate Organization - A Place for Everything©™

The process is all about YOU and YOUR NEEDS. A more organized person gets things done at a higher level of efficiency, creating more time for other priorities – whether it is at home or in business. Good physical organization supports feelings of control and well-being. The Skerin Model is the tool for any organizational project – small and minor to large and major: from attic to garage, room by room, space by space, with an emphasis on time and motion.

The trickle-down triangle model is a holistic approach for ultimate physical organizational efficiency. The goal is to create spaces and elements of organization that work for you as you identify priorities. Once there are in-place and demonstrated methods of organization, it is much easier to get a handle on what you have and then be able to get to it easily, from the pin box in the house to the tool bin in the garage.

It is equally important to facilitate the process to consistently put things away with ease. It is as simple as that. The adage, A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place, dates from the 17th century, according to Oxford. It rings truer than ever in today’s rapidly spinning world. We are each unique with a set of needs. Nonetheless, basic guidelines apply when one commits to getting organized. Organizing is a process and begins with a structured thinking process, as exampled in the Skerin Model™ below.

I started organizing when I was a child and never stopped. I have been custom organizing for others for the last few years at multiple levels. I work from my office in Ocean Pines, Maryland. I am professional organizer (and reorganizer), attic to garage, of work shops and spaces, home offices, storage spaces, paperwork (digital and hard copy administrative filing). For everything else, you identify your custom organizing needs. I am a home organizing consultant in Worcester County Maryland, Wicomico County Maryland, and Sussex County Delaware. As well, I physically organize and perform administrative business consulting in Worcester County Maryland, Wicomico County Maryland, Sussex County Delaware. As a writer/editor, this ability dovetails well in fulfilling client needs. Completed work often ends with a project summary and/or index (sometimes more than one), based upon initial project scope. Project indices are often labeled the Where With All, and saved as digital and printed copies. The Skerin Model™ organizing process is shown below (click for full screen view).

Contact: Susan D. Kerin

Professional Organizer & Management Consultant
Office: 410-641-8290 EST Maryland

Click the Skerin Model™ chart for full screen view

Organizing and Consulting Includes But Is Not Limited To

(Or, put another way, think “A-Z”)

  • A Place for Everything
  • Administrative Organizing
  • Attic to Garage: sort, declutter & redefine space
  • Business Organization Top to Bottom: physical space planning and management
  • Closets: Room by Room
  • Contain and Control the Mess
  • Create new storage space
  • Custom Organizing
  • Define Needs
  • Define challenges, develop and implement solutions
  • Declutter
  • Destash
  • Identify storage needs
  • Index Household Property
  • Improve existing storage space
  • Organize your words: professional writer/editor
  • Paperwork Filing (Physical & Digital/Computer)
  • Selling What is no longer needed or wanted
  • Sort it all out
  • Space: identifying priorities
  • Start to Finish Reorganizing
  • Storage Tools and Containers Needed
  • Where With All - Documenting and Making Lists as Needed

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